Golfer of the Year

Golfer of the Year 2019


Golfer of the Year 2019

Counting Competitions



March 31st

Singles Stableford

April 7th

Singles Stableford

April 14th

Club Trophy

April 28th

Sean Boyle Memorial

May 12th

Singles Stableford

May 19th

Greaney Glass

May 26th

Lady Captain’s Prize to the Men

June 9th/15th

Captain’s Prize

June 16th

Singles Stableford

June 30th   

Singles Stableford

July 7th

Singles Stableford

July 14th  

Singles Stroke – Christy Kelly Memorial

August 17th/18th

President’s Prize

September 15th

Singles Stableford


Competition Rules


·         Results are based on Nett Scores

·         Points shall be allocated, for each counting competition on the following basis

·         1st Nett    25 points

·         2nd Nett   19 points

·         3rd Nett    18 points

·         4th Nett    17 points

·         5th Nett    16 points

·         6th Nett    15 points

·         7th Nett    14 points

·         8th Nett    13 points

·         9th Nett    12 points

·         10th Nett  11 points

·         11th Nett   10 points

·         12th Nett   9 points

·         13th Nett   8 points

·         14th Nett   7 points

·         15th Nett   6 points

·         16th Nett   5 points

·         17th Nett   4 points

·         18th Nett   3 points

·         19th Nett   2 points

·         20th Nett   1 point


·         In the event of a tie, the number of 1st place Nett finishes shall be used to break the tie. If a tie still exist, then the number of 2nd place Nett finishes shall be used to break the tie. This process continues until the tie is broken.

·         If the tie can not be broken, then the Golfer of the Year shall be shared.

·         The following events shall have bonus points for the overall tournament results:

Captains Prize

·         1st Place           15 points

·         2nd Place           10 points

·         3rd Place            5 points


·                                                                                 Fitzgerald Matchplay

·         Winner              25 points

·         Runner-Up         20 points

·         Semi Finalist      15 points

·         Quarter Finalist   10 points