Ladies Tables 2013



There are 16 Qualifying Competitions for 2013 and these are denoted by GOY in the ladies fixture list.

Points Scoring System

Top ten scores in a qualifying GOY competition are allocated points in the following order:

1st = 10 points

10th = 1 point

Except on Lady Captain's Prize & President's Prize competitions, then the points are awarded to the top twelve scorers.

The overall winner is the player with the highest number of points after the last GOY competition.

GOY - Denotes Golfer of the Year

Note: Any alternative or additions to the fixture list of the Golfer of the Year is at the discretion of the ladies committee.



The Spring League will run for four weeks from Monday 4th February to Sunday 3rd March. 

Entry fee is €5.00 which is deducted from your swipe card.

Congratulations to the winning team 'Team Iris'


The Ring Competition is a club competition run throughout the year during all 18 Hole Qualifiying competitions.

Entry fee is €5.00 which is deducted from your swipe card.

The competition for 2013 will commence when we begin 18 Hole Competitions. Competitors can sign up on the Ring competition sheet on the notice board when it is displayed.


Our Peugeot LGU Coronation Foursomes qualifier will be played on Wednesday 29th May, 2013. The format is Foursomes Stableford. 


The ILGU Silver and Bronze Medals are presented annually in each Club affiliated to the ILGU.
The winner is the player who returns the lowest aggregate of 4 nett scores in her club in Medal competitions (18 Hole Strokeplay)

 The Irish Ladies' Golf Union will award a Silver and Bronze medal to each affiliated club for Annual competition.

  • Silver Division
      A Silver Medal will be awarded for players with Playing Handicaps up to and including 20.
  • Bronze Division
    A Bronze Medal will be awarded for players with Playing Handicaps of 21 to 36 inclusive.
  • The Silver and Bronze Medals will be issued by the Irish Ladies' Golf Union.

 Number of ILGU Medal Competitions

 The Committee may run a minimum of four and up to sixteen stroke play competitions for the ILGU Silver and Bronze Medals awarded annually to each affiliated club. Any, or all, of these competitions may be played in conjunction with a club stroke play competition, as authorised by the Committee. 

MEDALS 2103  Athenry Ladies Club Committee will run 12 Medal competitions for 2013 commencing on Sunday March 24th and finishing on Sunday, 1st September, 2013.  Dates for these competitions may be subject to change at the discretion of the ladies committee. Check our fixture list on the Web Site or in the Locker Room for any changes. 

The winners of each Medal are eligible to compete for the Gold and Silver Pin. The Gold and Silver Pin competitions will be played in the Spring of 2014, date and venue to be confirmed by the ILGU. 

Winners of the Silver & Bronze Medals will be presented with their Medals at the Ladies Club AGM in November 2013.

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER 2012: Martha Breen

The ILGU awards a Silver Spoon annually to each affiliated club.
The Spoon is awarded to the member of the club who returns the lowest aggregate of 4 nett stroke play scores in a qualifying competition on the club course.
Only 1 score of each player to count in each calendar month.

SILVER SPOON WINNER 2012:  Martha Breen

AUSTRALIAN SPOONS - 18 Hole Stableford Greensomes

Presented to the LGU in 1967 by the Australian Ladies' Golf Union to encourage support for the International Match Fund.  The winning pair from each club will qualify to play in the District Final.  The five pairs with the best nett scores and the Gross from each district will be eligible to play for the Australian Spoons, Memento Spoons and Prizes in the All Ireland Final. 

Our Australian Spoons qualifier will be played on Wednesday, 1st May, 2013. The format is Stableford Greensomes.

Congratulations to our winners Teresa Moroney & Veronica McDermott who go on to play in the district final in Castlebar GC on Thursday 11th July 2013.


  1. Ensure that you arrive at the Club well before your tee-off time; vital time is lost when a match is late on the tee.
  2. On the 1st tee, be organised so that you have your ball, tee pegs etc..ready, when it is your turn to play your shot.
  3. On the course don't wait for your playing partner to play before deciding on club and shot selection.  Likewise, on the green, have an idea of your line before it is your turn to putt out.
  4. In the case of a lost ball, remember that the rules of golf stipulate that you are allowed only five minutes to search for a lost ball.  If you are searching for a lost ball, always call through player(s) who are playing behind you.
  5. If there is a clear hole in front of you, accelerate or call through the match behind.  It is common courtesy for a four-ball to let a two-ball through.
  6. Never leave your golf bag at the front of a green when the route to the next tee is off the back.  Needless walks can be avoided by planning ahead.
  7. Clear the green as soon as you finish a hole.
  8. Remember your place on the course is behind the players in front of you, NOT in front of the players behind you.

Remember golf is a game of honour, and all rules must be interpreted honourably.