Competition Rules

Competition Rules (updated May 2011)


All our club competitions are governed by the Rules of the R & A. Members should be familiar with the Rules and Bye Laws of the Club. Members and visitors must adhere to the following key points when entering and taking part in competitions.

1. The Course

 a. Priority

If a match fails to keep its place and loses more than one clear hole on players in front, it should allow the match following to pass. Players in a competition shall have precedence both in starting and through the green over players playing ordinary matches.

 b. Care of Bunkers

Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill up and smooth over all the holes and footprints made by him/her therein.

 c. Divots, Plugmarks and Damage to Greens

Through the greens and on the practice areas a player must ensure that any turf cut or displaced by him/her is replaced at once and pressed down and that any damage to the putting green made by a ball or the player is carefully repaired. Care should be taken to ensure that no damage is done to the hole or the surrounds of the hole while attending the flagstick. The ball must not be removed from the hole with a golf club or putter.

 Plugmarks are the single biggest cause of damage to our greens -

Please Repair Plug Marks

 d. Practice on the Course

Practice on or playing of hole or holes before a competition effectively disqualifies player or players from successfully competing in the competitions of the day. (Except Match Play Competitions)

e. Electronic Measuring Devices

A player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.  If during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect herplay (gradient,wind speed, temp etc.) the player is in breach of rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such function is actually used.

2. Rules Governing Competitions

a. Competitors should be familiar with the Rules and Bye Laws of the Club.

b. Ten players to constitute a valid competition for prizes. Only fully paid up members are entitled to play in competitions.

c. Players are required to enter competition by swiping their handicap card on the computer BEFORE commencing play.

d. Competitors must remove their sticker from the printer and apply to their scorecard.

e. To be a valid entry for competition, card MUST be signed by the player and her marker. Current handicap MUST be on the card. Card incorrectly entered will be disqualified from the competition but will stand for Handicap purposes. 

f. The card must be marked by a person who holds a valid ILGU or GUI handicap, or if a visitor, holds a handicap from the relevant national golf association/union.

g. Play shall start from the 1st tee only, unless authorised by the committee.

h. All cards should be entered in computer and returned in box provided.  Players may be penalised for not returning scores in prescribed method.

i. In all Singles Competitions, where the committee find that the competitors are not regularly returning cards, the committee reserver the right to reduce such members Handicaps under Clause 19.

j. Handicaps: It is the duty of every player to report, as soon as possible, to her home club, all scores returned from open competitions/society outings. Please fill out the Away Scores sheet located on the noticeboard in the ladies locker room (show standard scratch of the day, date, score and name clearly). If unable to report a score which warrants a reduction you must immediately revise your handicap in accordance with the rules prior to competing in any subsequent competiton.

k. Buggies may only be used in competition by members presenting a current medical cert and may not be used to carry any other person or other person's equipment.

l. In the event of slow play only, the committee authorises that two balls may join to become a four-ball or alternatively a four ball may break up to become two two-balls.

m.Competition suspended/abandoned due to adverse weather conditions: In the event of a competition being suspended, and if ten players have returned their score cards, the competition is deemed a valid competition.  Players called in will have their competition fee refunded.

n. Ties: All ties shall be decided as follows: 18 Holes: decided on last 9,6,3,1. If still a tie decide last 3,6,7,8 on first 9 holes. If still a tie decide by lot.

o. Matchplay Competitions

  • All matches must be completed by the dates shown.

p. To qualify to win the Lady Captain's Prize and  President's Prize, players must have returned cards in three 18 hole singles club competitions in the current year in order to be eligible to win first prize in either of these competitions.

q. Visitors playing in open day/weekend competitions must pay their entry fee in the pro shop.






3. Operation of Time Sheets

The following general rules apply to ladies competitons:

a. The timesheet becomes available on-line one week before a competition date.  There may be an exception for open weekends or open week where the timesheet may be available for a longer period in advance of the competition.

b. Sunday timesheets are reserved for competition entrants only.  Only those competiting may reserve a time on these timesheets.

c. In Sunday competitions, if members book a time on the time sheet and include a guest slot, a player must play in that slot.  If no player shows up for that slot the member who booked the time will be charged a competition fee for the slot.

4. Presentation of Prizes

a. Presentation of prizes will take place at the Clubhouse on the dates indicated in the results book in the locker room and on the notice board & Web Site

b.Prize winners will be posted on the results page of the Web Site. Prize winners or their nominees must be present to collect their prizes at presentations.  Prizes not collected after 4 weeks will be forfeit and will be re-used.  The committee is not responsible for uncollected prizes. 

c.The Ladies Committee accepts no responsibility or liability for Prizes not collected at the scheduled presentation.