Pitch Mark Repair

How To Repair Pitchmarks

The quality of our putting surfaces suffer when golfers fail to repair pitchmarks. We would ask that golfers repair their ball mark & one other. A pitchmark properly repaired will heal within 24 hours whereas an un-repaired ball mark will take at least 15 days to mend.


Right Way

1.    Discard the loose piece of turf
taken out by the ball

2.    Insert repair tool just outside the back of the ball mark

3.    Pull the turf towards the centre of the hole

4.    Gently tap the repaired area with your putter

5.    This action stretches undamaged turf over the ball mark, providing instant recovery


Wrong Way

1.  Do not replace the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball. It will die and delay the healing process.

2.  Do not pry up the centre of the depression with the repair tool as it exposes the soil and will delay the healing process

3. Do not insert repair tool and twist it. This only breaks more turf loose.