Rule of the Week: General Points Before and After Your round


General Points Before commencing your round

• Read the Local Rules on the score card or the notice board.
• Put an identification mark on your ball. Many golfers play the same brand and model of ball and if you can’t identify your ball, it is considered lost. (Rules 12-2 and 27-1)
• Count your clubs. You are allowed a maximum of 14 clubs. (Rule 4-4)
During the round:
• Don’t ask for “advice” from anyone except your partner (i.e. a player on your side, in for example, a fourball competition) or your caddies. Don’t give advice to anyone except your partner. You may ask for information on the Rules, distances and the position of hazards, the flagstick, etc. (Rule 8-1)
• Don’t play any practice shots during play of a hole. (Rule 7-2)

At the end of your round:
• In match play, ensure the result of the match is posted.
• In stroke play, ensure that your score card is completed properly and return it as soon as possible. (Rule 6-6)